Ardi and Miriam Villiard

Ardi and Miriam Villiard, owners of Heritage Builders, started the business in 1998 while Ardi was serving in the US Navy. Miriam expanded her work experience working for Pope Resources, Olympic Resource Management, and Port Ludlow Associates, and completed her degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

They built their own homes and performed remodel work after their daytime jobs, on the weekends, while Ardi was home from sea, intending to grow the business, build their clientele, and determine if this was a good business for them when he completed his 20 years. Ardi grew up building homes in the Midwest so building homes for a living was a natural fit. In 2010, he retired from the Navy and took the business full-time and in 2011, Miriam joined the company full-time. With Ardi’s building experience and Miriam’s business administration, marketing, and project management experience, they make excellent partners not only in life but in business as well. Working from home and owning their own business allowed them to play a very active role in raising their two children, who are now grown and their pride and joy. Hurley works for Heritage Builders and has aspirations to grow into Ardi’s role, and Lamara, who is at the University of Montana, majoring in Management & Entrepreneurship, plans to return and grow into Miriam’s role. Their motto is “work hard, play hard,” and they can often be found snowmobiling, racing quads, riding around in the mountains, gardening, or anything else that has some adrenaline and takes them into nature.


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